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Now that we have all the LED ready to mount in the cone. Lets see one way to do this. Believe me, there is no right or wrong way. Just what ever works for you.

Click on any image for a closer look
Lets start off by installing the white LED at the very top of the cone.  Just push the led into the cone and don't worry about routing the wire for now.  I used a little dab of hot glue on my second cone. But just set the LED in the first cone. It will work either way.
Now's the time to add the rest of the LEDs. Again don't worry too much about the wire. Just get the LED placement as even as you can. If you plan on having the cone against a wall, then you probably want to have more LEDs in the front. I guess adding the LEDs is not much different then dressing a real Christmas tree.
Well we put it off as long as we could. But now that we have all the LEDs mounted. It's time to start routing the wire. It's hard to say the best route for the wires as each cone is different. But normally you can find a few routes that allow you to tuck the wires out of sight and deep in the cone.
In this example I routed the wires down two paths. The actual number doesn't really matter.
In the case of this cone. I wanted to paint it green. So I covered the LEDs with pieces of a soda straw. I cut them to be about 2 inches long and just slipped them over the LEDs to keep the LEDs from getting painted.
I set up a card board box and painted away. I used some cheap Wal-Mart spray paint that was less then 2 bucks a can and dries in 10 min's.  It worked great.
Because it dries quickly, let it set for a little bit and then stand the cone up and paint it from the top down. Pay special attention to try and cover the route you ran the wires down the side. As soon as you can, remove the straws so the paint doesn't hold the straws to the LEDs.
While the paint finishes drying. Lets make up the mount.  I poked a few holes in the middle so I could use hot glue to hold the cone to the mount. Hot glue makes a lot of sense as the bottom of the cones are hardly ever flat.  The holes allow the glue to flow and have something to hold onto.  Also make a few holes around the outer edge to line up with where the wires will come out.
Now run the wires through the holes and get it all lined up.
Now add a glob of hot glue and squish it all together.
Now we need to get the wiring ready to go.  The first thing to do is separate all the yellows from the blacks. Also the red from the center white LED is added to the yellows
When you're done, it's time to strip off about a inch or so of wire so all the wires of the same color can be twisted together. Cut the wires so they are all about the same length.
Now take all the yellows and make sure all the bare ends are twisted together. Do the same with the blacks.  The end results should be two bundles of stripped wire. One all yellow with one red. and the other all black.
Cut the provided piece of heat shrinkable cable in half. Slip a piece over each of the two bundles. Make sure you push it back away far enough from the bare wire, so the heat from the soldering iron won't melt it.
Now we solder the black wire from the provided battery connector to the black wire bundle. You don't need much solder and try to make it as smooth as you can so the heat shrink will slide over the bare wires.
Do the same with the red wire from the battery. It should be soldered to the bundle of yellow wires.  Now slide up the heat shrink to cover the bare wires. Heat the shrink tubing with a match.

If for some reason your solder connection is too big you can always use electrical tape to insulate the connections.
Now all we have left is connect the battery.
With any luck, all the LED's will light and be blinking away. 

Bask in the glow of your accomplishment and have a GREAT CHRISTMAS