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Fox hunt pictures are in the

3rd Annual
Fox Hunting Event

Talk in frequency is the Henderson repeater
W4FHU  147.105 Mhz +  PL 156.7

When:    April 26th 2014
Time:      10:00am until 01:00PM
Where:   At the Chickasaw State Park in Henderson TN. (Chester County).
Cost:      None

Thank you for your interest in this year’s CCARC Foxhunt!  We have changed the hunt this year hopefully to allow each team a more exciting hunt.   We will be giving two Baofeng UV5RA Radios for the first place team.


  1.      This will be a timed hunt.  The time limit is 3 hours.

  2.      This will also be a team hunt (at least licensed hams per team).

  3.      Both team members must be hunting the same Fox and be in the same  location.

  4.      Only licensed amateur radio operators may transmit on the radio but the other can certainly participate. 

  5.      No Doppler or TDOA units will be allowed in this hunt.  We will reserve these for future and more advanced hunts.

  6.      Please no RDF plotting software.  You may bring a compass.

  7.      This hunt will require you to drive and/or walk.  This hunt will go on regardless of the weather, so please be prepared.

  8.      You may use any receiver or antenna you wish as long as all your equipment can be carried by you and/or your teammate.

  9.      Transmitting over the fox frequencies will not be tolerated except in an emergency.  There will be a designated talk-in frequency.

  10.      No alcohol! It is illegal on state parks.

  11.      Both fox transmitters will be within 300feet of a public right away (trail, road, sidewalk, etc..).

  12.      The park has asked us to pay attention and observe all laws and street laws pertaining to the state of TN, so please be careful as we will not be the only ones in the park.

  13.      No four wheelers will be allowed.

  14.      Foxes may be found in any order.

  15.      The foxes will transmit for 30 seconds and rest for 60 seconds. 

How will I be judged?

Winners will be determined after the 3 hour hunt is finished.  A time variable will be awarded to each hunter when he/she finds the first fox (remember, either fox may be found in any order) and another time variable will be awarded to each hunter when he/she finds the second fox.  Judges will take these time variables and will assign numerical pts to them.  These pts will then be totaled.  Placement will be determined from the total amount accumulated during the hunt. 

What do I do when I find the fox?

          When you find one of the two foxes, there will be several tickets on the box with different serial numbers.  You must use the designated talk-in frequency to relay one of those numbers to the net control.  Net control will acknowledge your traffic and record the time it took you to find that fox.  Once one of the serial numbers has been recorded, it may not be used again.  You must keep this ticket with you and return it to the judges once you return to the judge’s table.

What if there’s a tie?

          If by chance pts accumulated during the hunt are equal to another then the hunter which found a fox first will be determined that place winner. 

What if no one finds a second fox?

          We will treat this the same way we will a tie between two teams.


          We have taken considerable time and effort to make this event an enjoyable event for you and your family!  Come out and enjoy the fun and food with us!


If you may have any questions, please email me at