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May 2016 Meeting -- All about diodes


Antenna Day at AG4QC -- 12/08/2014
Well, it was a bit cold, but a few club members got together to add a beam and TV antenna to AG4QC's tower.  Now Joe (AG4QC) has a beam to go along with his Off Center Fed HF dipole. Many thanks to Kevin - KU4RT and Dick - AJ4BZ  for all their hard work.  It just goes to show what a few dedicated club members can accomplish.  So what did you do today?

Field Day -- 2011
This is a small representation of all the activities that happened at our annual Field Day.  We had a great day of setting up emergency communications equipment and just general all around socialization.  The ARES bus made it's grand debut and added a lot to the ability of Chester County's emergency response readiness.  What a nice day!

Christmas Party Meeting  -- December 2010

This is our annual Christmas party.  It was well attended and some people brought their Pine Cone Christmas tree creations to decorate our tables. It was a very fun party and I look forward to next year!

PineCone Christmas Tree Meeting  -- November 2010

This is just an example of another fun meeting and club project.  Our November 2010 meeting we all built PineCone Christmas Trees.  These had blinking colored led's and we all have a lot of fun building them. Click HERE for a link to their construction.


Swap-Fest 2010

Another years swap fest is now behind us. This year we elected to have the swap-fest/tailgate event in the Chester County High School parking lot. While it was hot, we had a great time and even sold a few things.  We had a few visitors and spent most of the time just talking and enjoying the fellowship!

Field Day 2010 

 Yet another hot field day. But we had fun.  Officially, Field Day starts at 1:00 PM and our dinner bell rang at the same time.  So in true tradition, we went for the food.  It was a fun time. and Oh, yeah. There was a radio involved somewhere also!


Bar-B-Q Festival Special Event Station    09/26/2008 

Some of the FHUARC members set up a station during the Henderson, TN, Bar-B-Q festival. The city let us use the Gazebo right down town. The antenna used was a Hustler mobile antenna mounted on top of the tool box in a pick-up truck. It was about 50' from the Gazebo. It worked quite well. Contacts made were into Mich., Kans., Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Texas and, to everyone’s amazement, one station in Dublin, Ireland. Of course, we ate well, too. After all, it was during the Bar-B-Q festival. Ron came down with his remote unit and interviewed us live on WFHU 91.5. The weather was perfect. It turned out to be a great day.

91.5 Remote

John & Mike

Mike & Martha





Annual May meeting  05/17/2007  (Almost 40 in attendance)

Getting ready for the  meeting

Okay, Dinners ready

The gang lines up

Hey, who's holding up the line?

Um, maybe I want
 that one

Young and old, every one had plenty to eat

We even had old friends from out of town

Did I mention this was also a practice fox hunt (Fox in the box)

Some of the guys take a break

Louise in her fashion statement with her matching fox hunt antenna




2006 Christmas party 

Some of the gang meets at Jack's around 8:00am every Saturday

John Rickard's send off party

2006 Christmas party 
Field Day 2006

Field Day 2005

2004 Fox hunt pictures

Fox Hunt Central


Congratulations to
Mike and Mickey,
The first place winners

Congratulations to the
second place winners,
Richard and Barry

The fox in the box







2003 Fox Hunt  

The whole gang


Joe Loucka and Richard England are the winners

Good food and good company

Now the stories start


The FOX in the box


Fox with it's mouth open

Yum, The food was Good 

This is how I did it


Field Day 2003

FHUARC banner

Getting vertical ready

Yet another
PSK-31 Contact

Field Day 2002

Always need a connector

Verticals work great

In the heat of the contest

One last adjustment

CW isn't a lost art

Just greeting old friends

Finely snagged that guy

Repeater Pictures 


Power Supply


Our Antenna is at the top

Don't look down



Now this is Coax!

Talk about heavy

One last check
before he climbs

Kit Show &Tell meeting

Bill and his HT...

And they all work

Great QRP kit

Jim and Thad

John & QRP

Micah & Martha

Mike & Louise

Modified Kit

Mouse Keyer

New and Old

Older Kit

Easer to wire

Sue and Joe