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Lets start off with wiring all the LED's and resistors.  Then we will put them in the pine code and finely add paint or other decorations.  This page is devoted to soldering up the LED's resistors and wire.

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Lets start off by using the provided clothes pin to hold the LED. This will allow you to use both hands and still have a steady soldering target. Notice the longer lead is towards the top. This is the Anode or the part that goes to the positive side of the battery.
First off we need to cut the longer lead so we can solder the dropping resistor in place. The LED's have a flat/compressed mark on both leads. Cut the longer lead in the middle of this indent.
Now cut one end of the provided resistor to about 1/4 inch. It should be about the same length as what is left after you cut the lead on the LED.  It doesn't matter which end of the resistor you trim.  Tin both the cut end of the resistor and the cut lead of the LED. Then hold the two tinned ends against and parallel to teach other and heat the joint to allow the two to be soldered together.
Now that the long anode lead has the resistor soldered inplace, cut the other lead of the LED to be about the middle of the resistor.  Also cut the long end of the resistor to about 1/4 inch also.  Tin both to ready them for soldering.
Now take a 10 inch length of both yellow and black wire and trim a very small amount of insulation from the ends.
Solder the yellow wire to the resistor and the black to the remaining LED lead. Both should be easily soldered by holding the wire parallel to the tined lead and heat slightly with the iron.
When you are finished it should look something like this.  Take the LED and spin it between your fingers while holding onto the opposite end of the wire. this will twist the wire and make it easer to route through the pine cone.
Now is the time to test this baby out. We'd rather find out if it works now than after we have it routed in the cone.  Plug the battery connector onto the battery and after stripping a short amount of insulation off the wires, temporarily twist the yellow wire to the battery red wire. and also the black of the LED to the black of the battery.
With a bit of luck and your skill you should have a blinking LED.  Allow this to glow for a little while as you pull and twist the wires to make sure your connections are sounds.

Bask in your light of your success!

Repeat the above 9 more times to make up 10 LED's  ready to mount.  Also you have one white LED. It's clear as the other LED's, it just glows white and is intended for the top of the tree. It's a steady glowing LED that is very bright.  You will need to solder it the same as you did the other 10. The only difference is the yellow wire will be replaced with the red wire. While the color doesn't really matter, the red will allow you to tell which wire has the white LED on the other end. The black wire is the same as all the rest.