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July 19, 2007   

Meeting was called to order by our President Joe Loucka (AG4QC). Barry Smith (K4DJX) gave the Treasurer report. Mickey Burkhead (KI4DTQ) brought up the idea that the club could benefit from a tent to use at club functions. The suggestion was tabled till more research could be done on prices, etc. Louise Burkhead (AG4BD) passed around two possibilities for QSL cards for the upcoming BBQ Festival Special Event scheduled for late September. The times were discussed briefly. The advertised times are 10 am – 2 pm CST.  That doesn’t mean we won’t be out in the gated area in the afternoons but this was the best condition times that we could come up with to advertise. It was mentioned that we would like to get some of the club literature and the banner to have handy for use at events. Reminder that our quarterly testing is this Saturday. 

The presentation tonight was on making good solder joints especially when installing PL-259’s on coaxial cable. Different techniques were used by all in attendance and they all were successful when testing with ohm meters (using last month’s knowledge) after each end was completed. Several Members teamed up and helped each other out.  Mr. Richard England even sent an example of his technique even though he was unable to attend. Different members had different soldering irons and all had their favorite part of their particular iron. Mike Burkhead (K4TC) brought his that has seen much heat over the last 42 years. Thad Williams (KI4LFV) taught us not to lay a paper towel to close to the solder iron that is heated up. Luckily our visitor, Renee Webb, noticed this immediately and no harm was done. Joe Loucka (AG4QC) used his “little torch”. It heats up quickly without melting the insulation.  His tips of the night: Heat the job up quickly, to apply solder fast, so as not to melt the insulation of the coax. Check each connection as soon as you finished so that you know immediately where the problem is. 

Those in attendance tonight was Joe (AG4QC) and Sue (KI4LFT) Loucka, Jim (KI4LFU) Helvering, Thad (KI4LFV) Williams, Barry (Ki4DJX) Smith, Mickey (KI4DTQ) Burkhead, James (KC4UFZ) and Renee Webb, Mike (K4TC) and Louise (AG4BD) Burkhead. 

Louise Burkhead