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June 21, 2007

The June meeting of FHUARC was held at the Henderson City Hall in a roundtable style.  Those in attendance were: Joe (AG4QC) & Sue (KI4LFT) Loucka, Dan (W1LSU) Crump, Joe (KI4LFS) Newton, Jimmy (KI4LFU) Helvering, Thad (KI4LFV) Williams, John (K4QQ) Adams, Richard (W4KRU) & Martha (KA4AHS) England, Kevin (KU4RT)Roeder, Loran (KI4LFR)Newton, Mike (K4TC) & Louise (AG4BD) Burkhead, Mickey (KI4DTQ) Burkhead & Barry (K4DJX) Smith.

Joe kept those in attendance busy with the use and functions of multimeters. We tested light bulbs, coax connectors, batteries, diodes and resistors. There were many different brands with various ranges of ohms per volts. Several of us even discovered that your body has different levels of resistance based on whether your skin is dry or moist.

Field day activities were discussed and the list of supplies needed was checked. Also, reminded everyone that we will be giving a test on June 30 at the Pinson Church of Christ building.

Next club meeting will be July 19 and we will learn proper use and procedures of soldering.  Bring solder and your solder gun/iron.

Louise Burkhead