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Meeting called to order by President Joe Loucka at 7:00 PM in the Conference 
Room of Henderson City Hall.

In attendance:  Joe Loucka, Richard and Martha England, Mickey Burkhead, 
Mike and Louise Burkhead,  Barry Smith, Joe Newton, Lorne Newton,  John 
Adams, and Dan Crump.

Barry furnished the Treasurer's Report to the Club.  The night's program was 
divided into two sessions:  first session was a Damage Assessment training 
for ARES personnel to assist with this important function, should a disaster 
occur requiring this info, presented by Mike Burkhead; second session was a 
video recording titled "The Last Voice From Kuwait".  This video was a true 
account of Kuwaiti amateur radio operator 9K2DZ, Abdul-Jabar Ma'rafi, and 
the huge role he played using ham radio, to inform the world of Iraq's 
invasion of Kuwait, and atrocities committed against the Kuwaiti people. 
Abdul, at great peril to himself and his family, provided the US and 
Coalition Forces tactical information that helped to speedily push the Iraqi 
forces from Kuwait.  Abdul is a real hero.  It is really thrilling that a 
fellow amateur radio operator came forth and rose to the top, and basically 
helped save his country.

Let us keep Kevin Roeder, and his wife and family in our prayers.  Kevin is 
going to Iraq as a civilian police instructor, to help train the Iraqi 
police.  We wish him a safe tour, and will be glad when he safely returns 

Briefly informed the Club of the upcoming TNCAT 07 large-scale earthquake 
exercise, coming up in June, 2007.  Communications, mainly via amateur 
radio, will be used almost exclusively, during the first three hours of the 
first day of the three-day event.  Governor Bredesen emphasizes that amateur 
radio communications will be relied upon heavily to get the job done.

Meeting adjourned.

Mike Burkhead, K4TC