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FHUARC meeting of 11-17-05 at Henderson, TN City Hall 7:00 PM
Joe Loucka, Sue Loucka, Joe Newton, Loran Newton, Louise Burkhead, Mike Burkhead, Bill Baldy, Thad Williams, Jim Helvering, Kevin Roeder, Barry Smith and Richard England, Sr.
Kevin Roeder presided.
Badges for club members were discussed. Barry will get the list of those who do not have one as yet and make sure that Ron Means has not ordered them. Then Kevin will order those that need to be made.
ARES is looking at a bus that the Chester County School System is going to get rid of.
Christmas party this year will be at Arnold’s restaurant on December 15 at 7:00 PM. Kevin will invite the family of Dan Crump to be the guests of the club.
Barry Smith gave a financial report.
There was a discussion regarding the possibility of some new equipment for the club. If we are to purchase any, we will need to have some kind of fund raising project. Nothing was actually decided on this matter.
It was suggested that we could begin a swap and shop on our web site as a means of buying and selling equipment.
The need for more classes to help interested people get a ham license was discussed. It was discussed as a possibility in the Spring.
Subjects for future club meeting programs were discussed. Among them, it was mentioned that a class on TOWER SAFETY AND INSTALLATION would be of interest to many.
Everyone enjoyed the meeting.
Richard England, Sr.
Club Secretary