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FHUARC meeting, September 15, 2005

Attending: Joe and Sue Loucka, Kevin Roeder, Thad Williams, Joe Newton, Caleb Thomas, Dexel Burns, Barry Smith, John Adams, Mike and Louise Burkhead, Mickey Burkhead, Richard England, Jr., Micah England, Richard England, Sr., Mark Woods (N4AZ), Casey Woods and Chip Woods.
Treasurer's report showed a balance of $1,136.50 in the bank (including the $500 donated by John Rickard to repair the beam he gave us).
Some of the club will man a station at the Chester County BBQ Festival on Friday, September 23, 2005, at the Gazebo on Main Street from 9:00 AM to about 2:00 PM. All are welcome to come by and visit and operate the radios.
The next license exam date is September 22, 2005. Exam will be given at the building of the church of Christ at 6:00 PM.
Send email to all club members at once at
Send individual club members email at their call sign with
The new “KITS” were distributed at the meeting and assembly was begun by many. The next meeting on October 20, 2005, we will bring them back and compare the finished work.
Everyone had a great time.
Richard England, Sr.
Club Secretary