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FHUARC meeting, August 18, 2005
Attending: Thad Williams KI4LFV, Jim Helvering KI4LFU, John Adams K4QQ, Mike Burkhead K4TC, Louise Burkhead AG4BD, Mickey Burkhead KI4DTQ, Joe Loucka AG4QC, Kevin Roeder KU4RT, Barry Smith K4DJX, Martha England KA4AHS, Richard England Sr W4KRU
Kevin called the meeting to order.
Two new members were introduced: Thad Williams and Jim Helvering.
Barry Smith gave the treasurer's report.
Joe Loucka reported on the Kit building project. The cost will be $39. Kits will be here for the September meeting at which time we will begin construction and return them in October for a progress report. If anyone has a problem with their Kit, it will be worked out at that time.
The activities for the BBQ festival ( Sept 22-24) will be discussed in detail at the next club meeting. Kevin will inquire about the availability of the Gazebo in which to set up some radio equipment during the festival. Also, we will need the club banner to put up at that time.
There will be a test session here at the City Hall on August 23.
John Adams gave a detailed report on “traffic” handling on the Tennessee Net.
Bill Bauldy is in Bulgaria.
Ron Means is at Guard Camp.
Dan Crump is in Iraq.
It was a good meeting and all enjoyed being together.
Richard England Sr
Club Secretary